Tissue Oil
Tissue Oil
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Tissue Oil gives an Healing an EXTRA advantage. Use on
scars, damaged,  aged,  stressed,  extra dry, and  injured skin, hair and nails.

Tissue Oil is also ideal massage oil.

A combination of 5 oils: Aloe Oil, Almond Oil,
Evening Primrose Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and
Vitamin E Oil, supply a rich amount of nutrients
to the skin.
Treat dry skin, hair and nails from the inside with
Omega 3capsules.

+ promotes the repair of tissue
+ helps against scarring
+ helps restore elasticity
+ helps nourish and soothe the skin
+ helps protect against dehydration and aging

Directions for Use:
SKIN: As extra nourishment: Apply at night before
you use your moisturizer. Repeat in morning for
extra dry skin.
Care for scars and marks: massage lightly into skin
2-3 times daily.
HAIR: A nourishing oil treatment for dry hair or
scalp. Apply to hair and scalp and massage in. Cover
with shower cap or plastic bag and leave for 20
minutes (or overnight). Wash out well.
NAILS: Soak your nails for 10 minutes in warm
Tissue Oil. Follow up with Nail & Cuticle Gel.

Active Ingredients: Aloe, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Wheat
Germ Oil, Vitamin E, Lanolin Sterol

• A dry skin is the first sign of too little fat in the
diet. Supplement your diet with Omega 3 and
healthy fats such as nuts, avocados and oil rich
• Radical Image contains important nutrients and
anti- oxidant to promote an attractive skin.