Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)
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Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)
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Aloe Tea With Rooibos you can enjoy the wholesomeness of the full aloe leaf as a refreshing cold drink or a delicious, hot tea.
Sufficient fluid is of great importance for general health, since all the bodily functions require water.
The body daily excretes approximately 1.5 litres of water by means of the skin and kidneys, ridding the body of damaging waste products.
Supplement your daily fluid intake with wholesome Aloe Tea.
20 Tea Bags per box

+ rich in nutrients like minerals, amino acids and other plant chemicals
+ contains no caffeine
+ may influence appetite positively

Make a concentrate by adding 1 teaspoon of
tealeaves to one cup of boiling water. Allow brewing
at least 5 minutes. Strain. Use approximately 30 ml
concentrate in a cup and fill with boiling or ice cold water.

• Add a slice of pineapple, orange or lemon to the
concentrate for a delicious aroma.
• Supplement your fluid intake: make 2 litres Aloe
Tea and drink as a refreshing ice tea or a tasty
warm drink any time of the day.
• Do not discard the remaining concentrate. Place
it in the fridge for the following day.
• Do not add milk or sugar. This prevents the body
from absorbing precious nutrients.

Active Ingredients: Aloe ferox Dried Leaf,Rooibos

Good Advice:
Alcohol, ordinary tea and coffee are diuretics that
promote fluid loss in the body and strip the body of
essential minerals.