Bath Care - shower gels, soothing oils, lotions, moisturizers and sunscreens
Aloe Ferox products for a Luxurious Bath and a Healthy Lifestyle
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Bath OilBath OilSkin moisturizing Body treatment
Bitter Aloe Gel 100mlBitter Aloe Gel 100mlA combination of herbs known for its beneficial effect with various skin complaints
Body ScrubBody ScrubA liquid body soap with fine granules to gently remove dead skin.
Glycerin SoapGlycerin SoapBeneficial effect on the restoration action of the skin.
Hair and Body WashHair and Body WashA pH balanced liquid soap to be used on body and hair providing protection against bacteria.
Liquid Body Wash-BitterLiquid Body Wash-BitterA perfume free body cleanser for sensitive and problematic skin. with aloe bitters
Sun Care Lotion SPF 36 50mlSun Care Lotion SPF 36 50mlA rich, creamy sun block (protection formula 36) suitable for daily use.
Super Aloe Gel 150 mlSuper Aloe Gel 150 mlA combination of herbs that are known for its positive effect on various skin conditions.
Super Aloe Gel 75 mlSuper Aloe Gel 75 mlHas a positive effect on various skin conditions
Wrinkle-less CremeWrinkle-less CremeA unique formulation of 6 herbs benefitting the battle against wrinkles.