Enriched Night Cream
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Enriched Night Cream
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A moisturizing night cream for dry, mature and dehydrated skin.

Enriched Night Cream is the ideal night cream for normal and combination skin.
While you sleep, conditions are favourable for nourishing your skin and repairing daily damage
caused by pollution and ultraviolet rays. You can safely try a richer moisturizer at night than during
the day, to nourish and restore your skin.

Enriched Night Cream is available with or without
perfume. Perfume-free night cream is ideal for the
sensitive or allergic skin.

Supplement your diet with Radical Image and
Omega 3, which contains plenty of nutrients for an
attractive skin.

* Favourable effect on delaying symptoms of ageing.
* Advantageous for skin renewal and elasticity.
* Helps prevent dehydration of the skin.
* Helps maintain healthy blood flow to skin

1. Clean the skin gently. Dry gently.
2. Gently apply toner to facial area.
3. Apply Super/Bitter Aloe Gel to moist skin.
Apply night cream gently with your ring finger and spread gently over the entire moist skin.Hint: Apply
night cream before the aloe gel dries. It promotes absorption.

Active ingredients:
Aloe, Wheat Germ Oil, Collagen