Fabulous Fibre Bitter Tablets
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Fabulous Fibre Bitter Tablets
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Fabulous Fibre Bitter tablet contain
dried bitter sap and dried, powdered whole aloe
leaf. Fibre rich Aloe ferox leaves contain a vast
amount of nutrients and medicinal properties that
support the general well being of the body.

Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally used for the
beneficial effect it has on constipation, eczema,
pain from arthritis and high blood pressure.
Vast amount of nutrients and medicinal properties to
support general well-being of the body.

Aloe ferox bitters contain plant chemicals that:
+ are bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly
+ help to diminish pain
+ benefit an anti-inflammatory action
+ help support detoxification and disinfection
+ help maintain regular bowel movement
+ digestion friendly

Directions for use:

We recommend you start with one tablet for the first week and  then ecide if you need more than one capsule or tablet.

Laxative: take - 3 tablets in the evening in a single dose. Use the smallest dose necessary to maintain a soft stool. *

Other uses: take -1 tablet daily with meals.


    Aloe ferox Whole-leaf 300mg & Aloe Ferox Bitters
    150mg per capsule or tablet

    Dosage on bottle 900mg Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Powder, 450 mg Aloe Ferox Bitters for three tablets or capsules

    Good Advice:

    * Do not use Fabulous Fibre Bitter in cases of intestinal obstruction, acute inflamed intestinal disease (e.g. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colon inflammation),

    appendicitis, abdominal pain of unknown origin, pregnancy and breast feeding.

    * Use together with Omega Oils and Whole-leaf Aloe Juice.

    It is clinically proven that the use of anthranoid laxatives (such as
    Aloe ferox bitters), even in the long term, DO NOT CAUSE CANCER
    (ref. Department of Medicine, Univ of Erlangen, Germany; Journal:
    Gut; May 2000; vol 46(5): p 651-5)