Facial Mask
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Facial Mask
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Facial Mask is a clay mask for oily and
combination skin that is specially formulated for
deep cleansing.
This mask forms a thin layer over the skin that
excludes air. The skin perspires under this mask
and in this way, gets rid of impurities. The
impurities attach to this mask and are rinsed off.
People with a combination skin should use two
masks. Apply Facial Mask to oily areas and Moisturizing Mask to the dry areas.

* Purifies the skin of all dirt and dead skin cells.
* Skin feels refreshed.
* Removes excessive oiliness.
* Narrows skin pores.


Use Facial Mask 1-3 times weekly.
1. Cleanse your skin as usual. Dry gently.
2. Use Refining Scrub to remove dead cells
3. Apply a thin layer of Facial Mask over your face
and neck. Avoid the areas surrounding the eyes
and lips. (Apply a thick layer of Super Aloe Gel
around the eyes and lips for moisturizing.)
4. Leave on for 5 minutes.
5. Do not allow mask to dry completely. Rinse with
lukewarm water to remove.
6. Follow up with toner, aloe gel and moisturizer.

Active Ingredients:

Aloe, Lanolin, Glycerine

Good Advice

• Oily skin, especially during teenage years can be
an indication of hormonal imbalance. Radical
Image capsules cares for healthy hormonal levels.
• The use of a scrub such as Refining Scrub before
application of a mask, contributes to the
efficiency of the mask because all the dead skin
cells on the surface have been removed.