Hair and Body Wash
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Hair and Body Wash
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Hair & Body Wash is a delightful body cleanser and shampoo and is also ideal for the washbasin.
While water dries the skin and normal soap destroys the pH balance of the skin, Hair & Body
Wash moisturizes the skin and scalp while cleansing. It respects the pH balance of the skin
that is necessary for the natural protection against unwanted invaders such as bacteria.
Ideal when you travel. Does not form a layer on face cloths or sponges.

+ cleanses gently
+ helps skin to retain moisture
+ helps prevent dehydration of the skin

Care for your hair and body this way:
1. Before you bath/shower: rub your whole body
(while dry) with friction gloves. This stimulates
blood flow and excretion of toxins through the
2. Add Luxury Foam Bath or Bath Oil to bath
3. Cleanse your entire body with Hair & Body
Wash and wash your hair at the same time.
4. After drying: apply Cel-u-lite Gel to cellulite or
plump areas.
5. Moisturize the entire body with Hand Cream or
Hand & Body Lotion.

Active Ingredients: Aloe Glycerine, Coconut Oil Based Surfactant

Good advice:
Showers have an invigorating effect, while bathing calms you.