Heel Balm 250ML
Heel Balm 250ML
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Care for your feet with Heel Balm.
Heel Balm is a composition of herbs that are known for their beneficial effect on dry and
chapped skin conditions as well as the healing effect on raw chafed skin.
Feet and legs have very few oil glands. A massage with a rich cream like Heel Balm helps to supplement natural oils.

+ help for chafed heels
+ protects the skin against dehydration
+ nourishes and softens skin

1. Massage your feet (1 minute each) with friction gloves while dry to remove dead skin and to increase blood circulation.
2. Wash your feet in warm soap water. Do not soak. It dries out the skin. Dry the feet.
3. Use Heel Balm and massage each foot with long strokes from your toes to your ankles.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, blend of Comfrey & Menthol & Camphor & Beeswax, Allantoin, Sorbitol, Lanolin Sterol

Sound advice:
• Treat calluses and corns gently with a pumice stone. Apply Super Aloe Gel and Heel Balm directly afterwards.
• Apply Bitter/Super Aloe Gel to painful ingrown toenails.
• Try this treatment for symptoms of planter warts: apply Bitter Aloe Gel and cover with a plaster.
Repeat daily for a week.
• Diabetics must take special care of their feet as feet ulcers may occur easily because of poor circulation.