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Keeps unwelcome insects such as horseflies away from animals.

* Aloe is bacteria, fungus, virus and parasite unfriendly.

* Conditions the hair thereby displaying the natural softness and shine
of the coat.

* Can be used on dogs, horses and other domestic animals of all ages.

* Effective against mosquitoes, fleas, bees, etc.

* Safe for human use.

* A pleasant scent.

Directions for use:

* Do not allow Horsefly to come into contact with the animal's eyes.

* Spray evenly over the whole body.

* Allow spray to be absorbed by hair and skin.

* Can be liberally sprayed onto hooves.


* Treat external skin problems with Bitter Aloe Gel.

* Treat eye problems with Super Aloe Gel.

* Whole-leaf Aloe Juice can be used internally for sick pets.

* Use Si-Nose Drops for ear irritations.

* Aloe Bitters can be added to animal lick for control of ticks and
parasites in livestock and game.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS * Aloe Bitters, Citronella Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Almond
Oil, Pine Oil