Moisturizing mask
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Moisturizing mask
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Moisturizing Mask is an intensive moisturizing treatment for dry skin especially after sunburn or
when the skin feels tight. It has a beneficial effect on dry patches, flaking skin and even fine lines.

Hint: The use of a scrub such as Refining Scrub, before application of a mask, helps the mask work
more efficiently because all the dead cells on the surface of the skin have been removed.

+ removes dead cells during cleansing
+ refreshes the skin
+ shrinks pores

Use Moisturizing Mask 1-3 times per week.
1. Cleanse your skin as usual. Gently dry the skin.
2. Scrub your skin with Refining Scrub
3. Apply a thin layer of Moisturizing Mask
over your face. Avoid the areas around the
eyes and lips. (Apply a thick layer of Super
Aloe Gel around the eyes and on lips.)
4. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
5. Remove with moist cotton wool.
6. Follow up with toner, aloe gel and moisturizer.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe, Cholesterol, Lanolin Sterol

Sound advice:
Keep your skin’s natural moisture balance at its best:
• See to it that your living and work place is moist.
• Avoid the sun where necessary.
• Your internal water balance also moisturizes the
skin. Drink plenty of water.
• A shortage of essential fatty acids leads to dry
skin. Omega 3 contains fatty acids for attractive