Muscle Gel 150ml
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Muscle Gel 150ml
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Muscle Gel Muscle Gel contains a combination of herbs that help care for bothersome muscles, joints and
tendons and head discomfort. It also helps maintain easy breathing.
Care for bothersome joints and tendons from inside with Fabulous Fibre Bitter.
Stiff joints need healthy fats. Supplement with Omega 3 and eat more fish, nuts and avocados.
Care for breathing discomfort with Winter Fighter, Whole-leaf Juice and Si-Nose Drops.

These herbs contain plant chemicals that:
+ have a beneficial effect on proper circulation
+ have a beneficial effect on sore muscles and joints
+ help with the maintenance of the muscular system
+ help promote an anti-inflammatory action
+ are beneficial for the function of the nervous system.

For muscles, joints and tendons: Apply Muscle Gel
generously 2-3 x per day to affected areas
For head: Apply a thick layer of Muscle Gel to your
temples and forehead. Keep the gel moist for ½
hour by taking a warm bath or steaming your face.
For comfortable breathing: Apply Muscle Gel
generously to chest, throat and back when necessary.
A tickling or scratchy throat: Apply Muscle Gel
generously to throat when necessary.

Active Iingredients:
Aloe, Aloe Bittersap, Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Camomile Extract, Almond Glycerides, Evening Primrose Glycerides,Allantoin

Sound advice:
Drink more water. Many cases of arthritis can be relieved or reversed by drinking 2 litres water per day. The joint
“lubrication” runs short when you have (hidden) thirst.