Nail & Cuticle Gel
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Nail & Cuticle Gel
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Help restore lost moisture to your nails and cuticles with Nail & Cuticle Gel. Nails can easily
become dry and brittle due to exposure to elements such as water, dust, cold, heat, etc.
A massage with Nail & Cuticle Gel helps to supplement the shortage of natural oils.
Extra care for dry, broken nails: soak your nails for 10 minutes in warm Aloe Tissue Oil.

Supplement your diet with Omega 3 capsules and healthy fats.

+ beneficial for cell rejuvenation
+ nourishes and moisturizes
+ prevents dehydration

Apply Nail & Cuticle Gel to clean nails and cuticles and massage in properly.
Care for poor – slow growing nails with Nutri Hair capsules.

Active ingredients:
Aloe, Wheat Germ Protein, Keratin

Sound advice:
• Cuticles should never be cut. Soak nails in warm water with Liquid Body Wash Bitter and gently
push back cuticles with a cotton wool stick.
• Use a nail clipper to remove coarse skin at the corner of the nail.
• Shape the nails with an nail file. Do not file into the corners to deeply as it weakens the nails.
• Advice for nail biting: Apply Si-Nose Drops to nails.
• Repeated or long immersion in water softens the nails and causes them to split or even cause
chronic felons (nail bed infection).

Use gloves in water.