Neck Cream
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Neck Cream
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Neck Cream is a rich moisturizer that is ideally suited for the skin of the neck that is prone to dryness.
Because the neck lacks oil glands, signs of ageing can be visible quite quickly, even long before
signs of ageing appear on the face. Neck Cream is available with or without perfume.
A perfume free moisturizer is ideal for sensitive or allergic skin.
Supplement your diet with Radical Image and Omega 3 that contain important nutrients for attractive skin.

+ beneficial effect on the delay of the signs of ageing
+ beneficial for skin rejuvenation and elasticity
+ helps protect skin against dehydration
+ helps maintain increased blood flow to the skin

1. Gently cleanse your face and neck. Dry gently.
2. Apply toner gently.
3. Apply Super/Bitter Aloe Gel to moist skin.
4. Dot Neck Cream with your finger tips to throat area and massage with upward motions from
collarbone to chin.
5. Moisturize your face with a suitable moisturizer.
Hint: Apply moisturizer before the gel dries. It
promotes absorption.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe, Apricot Pit Oil, Lanolin Sterol, Collagen

Soun advice:

• Sallow, grey skin benefits by frequent treatment with a scrub such as Refining Scrub.
• Let Neck Cream care for the suppleness and firmness of the skin of your breasts.

Also help prevent ageing and the sagging of your womanly assets. Always apply Neck
Cream in an upward motion. A downward motion stretches the muscles and can do damage.