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Sham Pet
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Sham-Pet is the ideal shampoo for pets and is beneficial for natural healthy skin and fur.

Sham-Pet consists of aloe bitters and a combination of herbs that are known for their beneficial effect on various skin complaints.

+ aloe is a natural cleanser
+ aloe is bacteria, fungus, virus and parasite unfriendly

Wash fur with shampoo.

Active ingredients:
Aloe Bitters, Citronella Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Pine Oil, Zinc
Pyrithione, Almond Glycerides, Coconut Oil and Lanolin Based Surfactants

Sound Advice:
*Supplement your pet’s daily diet with Fabulous Fibre Bitter (with aloe bitters). It helps control pests and
plagues that harass your pet internally as well as externally. It also helps to prevent numerous other unwanted health complaints.
*Aloe bitters is added to animal lick and animal feed for tick and parasite control in livestock and game.
*Aloe bitters is added to the drinking water of pigeons, chickens and ostrich for parasite control.
*Aloe bitters is used successfully for tick bite fever.
*Whole-leaf Juice for your unwell pets.
*Val-u-Life is a valuable supplement for animals with wasting syndrome illnesses such as cancer.
*Care for external skin complaints with Bitter Aloe Gel.
*Take care of eye complaints with Super Aloe Gel.