Shampoo Bitter
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Shampoo Bitter
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Shampoo Bitter is ideal for oily hair and also has a beneficial effect on listless hair growth and various scalp problems.
Aloe Ferox shampoos with a pH of 6, help to retain the acidity of the scalp, while gently opening the hair scale for cleansing.
Use conditioner after washing the hair to restore the natural pH of sebum to 4, to close the hair scales and give hair its shine.
Nutri Hair capsules are good for healthy hair growth.
Oily hair and skin, especially in teenage years can indicate a hormonal imbalance.

Supplement with Radical Image.

+ helps promote penetrability of the hair and skin to absorb nutrients and moisturizers
+ natural cleanser
+ helps protect elasticity
+ aloe is bacteria, fungus, virus and parasite unfriendly

1. Brush hair to remove dirt, tangles and dead cells.
2. Wash hair twice with a little shampoo.
3. Gently massage scalp. Harsh rubbing stretches hair.
4. Rinse until water is clear.
5. Gently dry with a towel.
6. Apply conditioner. Comb hair through. (Avoid
contact with scalp in cases of oily hair).
7. Rinse well with warm water and dry gently.
8. Scalp nightmares: gently massage Bitter/Super Aloe Gel into scalp. Do not rinse.
Oily hair: gently massage Super Aloe Gel into scalp to help absorb excess oil.
9. Style hair with Super Aloe Gel.

Active Iingredients:
Aloe, Collagen, Almond Glycerides, Coconut Oil & Lanolin Based Surfactants