Sinus Nose drops
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Sinus Nose drops
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Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally used to care for sinuses.
• Care for nasal discomfort with Si-Nose Drops and Winter Fighter. Apply a thick layer of Muscle Gel to your sinus locations.
• Extra care for a bothersome drip: apply a thick layer of Muscle Gel to your throat and chest.

Aloe ferox bitters contains plant chemicals that:
+ are bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly
+ natural anti-histamine action
+ help make pain fade away
+ help to support detoxification and disinfection
+ benefit an anti-inflammatory action

Directions: 1. Place 1 drop in each nostril 1-2 x daily.
2. Do not use continuously for longer than one week.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe Bittersap, Water

 Sound advice:
• Allergies (especially from milk and dairy products) are often the cause of sinusitis.
• The use of sugar lowers the allergy threshold by prompting the body cells to react to allergies.
• Dairy tends to increase the secretion and thickness of mucus. When mucus, produced in the
sinuses cannot drain properly, the sinuses become a breeding place for bacteria.
• Repeated use of antibiotics makes one prone to yeast infections (Candida albicans). Yeast and
antibiotics suppress the immune system and in this way contribute to sinusitis.
• Drink lots of water. It helps the sinuses drain easier and the mucus membrane is more protected against infection.