SpotLess Creme
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SpotLess Creme
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SpotLess Crème is an ideal moisturizer for the skin with hyper pigmentation and dark spots, and
helps encourage an even complexion. The results may be observed after 2-4 weeks of
uninterrupted application twice daily. In the case of oily or thick skin, it may take longer. SpotLess Crème is suitable for all types, colours and
thickness of skin.

The very effective active ingredient Kojic Acid is responsible for the golden colour of the cream
and also has a delaying effect on the forming of wrinkles.

+ works against tyrosinase activity (melanin
+ encourages cell renewal (reduces dark melanin forming in the skin because it stimulates cell rejuvenation)
+ de-activates free radicals
+ beneficial for collagen synthesis

1. For face and neck: cleanse, tone and apply aloe gel.
2. Apply SpotLess Crème to your entire face, neck, throat, hand or affected body area to encourage an even toned final skin colour.
By day: Mix SpotLess Crème and Sun Care Lotion/Gel before application. It provides essential sun protection and helps to suppress the yellowish colour.
At night: Mix SpotLess Crème and Super Aloe Gel BEFORE application. It helps to promote absorption and suppress the yellow colour.

Active Ingredients:

Aloe, Kojic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, blend of Lady’s Mantle
& Jujube & Thyme & Lecithin (contains NO Hydroquinone)

Sound advice:
Radical Image contains important nutrients and anti-oxidants that help prevent skin discolouration and age-related skin damage.