Super Aloe Gel 75 ml
New Formulation - NO PARABENS
Super Aloe Gel 75 ml
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Super Aloe Gel is made up of a combination of herbs that are known for their positive effect on various skin conditions.
A skin care routine without Super Aloe Gel is incomplete. Aloe provides important moisturizing, improves absorption of nutrients
and has a positive effect on the repairing action of the skin.
Important anti-oxidants in Super Aloe Gel help to slow signs of aging.

+ Aloe contains at least 130 medicinal agents with various actions: anti-inflammatory, analgesic,
calming, anti-septic, germicidal, anti-viral, destroys parasites, anti-tumour, anti-cancer,
detoxifying, stimulating cell renewal, stimulating wound healing.
+ Aloe helps to improve penetration in the skin so that nutrients and moisturizers can be absorbed more easily.
+ Aloe helps moisturize the skin.

Cosmetic use:
1. Cleanse face and neck. Press dry lightly.
2. Follow up with toner.
3. Apply a thin layer of Super Aloe Gel to damp neck, face and eye area.
4. Apply your moisturizer lightly to damp skin before aloe gel has dried. This improves absorption.
Other uses: Apply 2-3 x per day to skin where necessary.

Active ingredients:
Aloe, Comfrey, Allantoin, Sorbitol

* Care for your skin from within with Radical Image.
* Treat vulva problems associated with itching, burning,
sensitivity and discomfort with Super Aloe Gel.