Vitality - balms, juices, supplements, gels, aloe tea, bitter crystalsVitality - balms, juices, supplements, gels , aloe tea, bitter crystals
Welcome to Vitality, here you will find products that promote general well being and a healthy lifestyle
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AdamAdamPromotes general well being for men, beneficial for sexual vitality and wellness of the prostrate gland.
Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Aloe Rooibus Tea (New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Rich in nutrients like minerals, amino acids and other plant chemicals. Contains no caffeine. Now with Rooibus Tea Helps with appetite control.
Bitter Aloe Gel 100mlBitter Aloe Gel 100mlA combination of herbs known for its beneficial effect with various skin complaints
Bitter BalmBitter BalmA soothing ointment for persistent skin complaints accompanied by dry skin.
Bitter Crystals  (New label) (The Aloe Collection)Bitter Crystals (New label) (The Aloe Collection)Bitter Crystals have been known to have a beneficial effect with symptoms of constipation, eczema, pain due to arthritis and high blood pressure.
Body BasicsBody BasicsVitamins control the body's ability to absorb and use minerals. Minerals form all proteins, enzymes and hormones
CatcherCatcherCatcher tablets helps reduce the absorptions of dietary fats in the body
Circulate-it/Balance-itCirculate-it/Balance-itA composition of herbs that plays an important role in the fight against cellulite, poor blood circulation and concentration
Clever-4-EverClever-4-Evernutritional supplement that can have a benefical effect on brain blockage in the circumstances of hyperactivity, Brain fog,ageing and Alzheimers disease.
Fabulous Fibre Bitter Capsules-Organic (New Label)(The Aloe Collection)Fabulous Fibre Bitter Capsules-Organic (New Label)(The Aloe Collection)Fabulous Fibre Bitter Capsule - Organic
Fabulous Fibre RegularFabulous Fibre Regular**Bitter-free, dietary fibre supplement for daily use.  Capsules
Joint SupportJoint SupportFor the general well-being of the body�s joints.
Sinus Nose dropsSinus Nose dropsAloe ferox Bitters was traditionally used in caring for sinuses.
Slim and TrimSlim and TrimContains herbs that are beneficial to control appetite and promote weight loss
Super Aloe Gel 150 mlSuper Aloe Gel 150 mlA combination of herbs that are known for its positive effect on various skin conditions.
Super Aloe Gel 75 mlSuper Aloe Gel 75 mlHas a positive effect on various skin conditions
Val-u-LifeVal-u-LifeA mixture of herbs that help support the functioning of the immune system to improve quality of life for people with wasting diseases such as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and anorexia.
Whole Leaf Aloe Juice Concentrate(New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Whole Leaf Aloe Juice Concentrate(New Label) (The Aloe Collection)The more than 130 medicinal agents in aloe helps maintain general well-being and optimal vigor.