Winter Fighter
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Winter Fighter
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Fight all the unpleasant winter symptoms with Winter Fighter capsules.
Winter Fighter is a MUST in your medicine cabinet! It must be on hand when those first
winter symptoms strike. Take two capsules as soon as the first symptoms are detected. If taken
immediately, most people find that their symptoms clear up within a day.
It is a good idea to take large doses of vitamin C with your Winter Fighter. This combination is deadly against winter symptoms.

The herbs contain plant chemicals that:
+ are immunity friendly
+ help prevent winter symptoms
+ help minimize the severity and length of winter symptoms
+ help destroy enemies of the nasal passages.

Take 1 capsules 3 times a day with meals. Do not use
for longer than 8 weeks continuously.

Active Ingredients:

Aloe Whole-leaf, Echinacea

Good Advice:
• Colds and flu are viral infections, therefore antibiotic,
that kill bacteria, have no effect. They may only have
an effect on secondary infections like ear or tonsil
infection, laryngitis, fever and mouth and throat
• Strengthen your immune system so that your body can
fight back.
• Your immune system needs proteins and vita nutrients
to function effectively.
• Sugar and refined food weaken your immunity.
• Antibiotics break down your immune system.
• Take care of a scratchy throat with Muscle Gel.
• Care for bothersome sinus complaints with Si-
Nose Drops.