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Nutri-Hair conditionerNutri-Hair conditionerThis conditioner is pH 4 balanced to protect against environmental conditions and counteract static electricity
Omega 3 OilOmega 3 OilBeneficial for the well-being of the heart and arteries.
OutlookOutlookA combination of herbs and anti-oxidants that are known for their beneficial effect on various eye complaints
Shampoo Anti DandruffShampoo Anti DandruffPrevent flaky scalp conditions and cure dandruff
Sinus Nose dropsSinus Nose dropsAloe ferox Bitters was traditionally used in caring for sinuses.
Slim and TrimSlim and TrimContains herbs that are beneficial to control appetite and promote weight loss
Sun Care Lotion SPF 36 50mlSun Care Lotion SPF 36 50mlA rich, creamy sun block (protection formula 36) suitable for daily use.
Super Aloe Gel 150 mlSuper Aloe Gel 150 mlA combination of herbs that are known for its positive effect on various skin conditions.
Super Aloe Gel 75 mlSuper Aloe Gel 75 mlHas a positive effect on various skin conditions
Tissue OilTissue OilTissue Oil gives your skin an EXTRA advantage, to reduce or heal scars, damaged,  aged,  stressed,  extra dry, and injured skin, hair and nails.

Tissue Oil is also ideal massage oil.
Val-u-LifeVal-u-LifeA mixture of herbs that help support the functioning of the immune system to improve quality of life for people with wasting diseases such as cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis and anorexia.
Whole Leaf Aloe Juice Concentrate(New Label) (The Aloe Collection)Whole Leaf Aloe Juice Concentrate(New Label) (The Aloe Collection)The more than 130 medicinal agents in aloe helps maintain general well-being and optimal vigor.
Whole leaf gelWhole leaf gelA combination of aloe, various herbs & oils known for its positive effect on different skin conditions.
Wrinkle-less CremeWrinkle-less CremeA unique formulation of 6 herbs benefitting the battle against wrinkles.
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