Good Riddance
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Good Riddance
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A safe and natural way to get rid of irritating scalp bugs (Lice).

Head Lice can become a pest among School children from time to time and to get rid of them is not always easy. Lice can be found on clean or dirty scalp, cannot fly and cannot jump. The lice lay small white eggs close to the hair root.  When lice begin moving around and biting the scalp, the child begins to scratch. Small raw sores develop that can become infected.

* Aloe is bacteria, fungus, virus and parasite unfriendly.
* Aloe is a natural cleanser.
* Aloe helps support detoxification and disinfection.


  1. Wash hair thouroughly with Good Riddance
  2. Use a conditioner to restoer pH balance of hair
  3. Remove all nits with a fine nit comb or tweezers
  4. Wash hair frequently with Good Riddance to get rid of any nit that hatches


Sound Advice:

  • It is a good idea to treat the whole family even if they have no sign of head lice.
  • Teach children not to borrow or lend combs, brushes, or headphones
  • wash all clothing and bedding in hot water and dry for at least 20 minutes in a tumble dryer.  High temperatures kill lice and their eggs.
  • Vscuum carpets, furniture and pillows well

Active Ingredients:

Aloe Bitters, Citronella Oil, Tea Tree oil, Pine oil, Zinc Pyrithone, Alomnd Glyserieds, Coconut and Lanolin based surfactants.